Project Description

During my research on my master Thesis and a potential place for architectural intervention, I have come across this interesting place in the heart of Berlin. With great interest I have included the ideas of the owner regarding the future use in my reflections. There were several conversations in which the potentials of the place and various suggestions for use were disguised. A noteworthy note was the open-mindedness and motivation of the builder, who liked to talk with me about his plans for a new building / extension / construction project This building originally belonged to a church community and was used as a meeting place and as a communal area. Later, this was admitted as a business space and business premises, where Mr. Blim has transformed him by small changes in a shop and still training rooms. Through discussions with Mr. Blim was tried to find out what potentials this place has and what it is still needed. For this, the possible extensions have been discussed, such as further training rooms and the corresponding storage and storage areas. And perhaps an additional theater with seating and stand for spectators. Both a suggestion for a small cafe that can be operated by a person. This had as a consequence the use of the roof garden included in the concept, whereby there is still no secure word to say whether the owner and the neighbors agree with it. This will probably remain as an open option, and is likely to be replaced only if this business is acquired entirely by the owner.

Project Details