Bauteil B, Flughafen Tempelhof

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Project Description

Wind and sport are an important topic for a very long time been in both the airport and the field. After which the Americans had left the airport, is the Related to the field. Level 6 is neglected and with this concept we want this area again live-blowing through a completely new mixed-function use. At level 6, an extreme sports center is to be set up which creates a new connection with the field. There also includes a new main entrance for the area, whereby also a connection between air and land side is created. The sports center is on the field various events where extreme sports exercised or competitions. For these events of course, an office is needed and a management. In which sports center also includes the rental of materials and accompaniment of  newcomers. There is also a restaurant for spectators and the athlete himself, but also for the staff in the building, including the various offices. The restaurant must also have a corresponding capacity have to accommodate the numerous people.

Project Details