Building Simulation

Project Description

Through several studies was tried a form for the high-rise in Düsseldorf, in which its facades in all seasons maximum Solar radiation. This has led to the fact that several buildings Facades facing south and / or at least north facade to have. And also not large areas to the south, but rather large areas after South-east / west. In further steps two facade studies were carried out for each group partner. There was The solar irradiation in the VASARI has been carried out for each facade direction in such a way that the Facade in summer minimum and in winter maximum solar irradiation gains. It Has come out of the facade studies that it oriented for the south Facades (also south - east and south - west facades) at least swords as Shading elements should be used, because large swords to reduce the Solar winters in the winter. As a result, the shading elements tended to be more Horizontally through projections with reasonable sizes (between 20 and 70 cm) furnished. Further, from each facade with its own facade element became a space To the daylight availability of the room with DIVA Program in RHINO To be measured. It was attempted that by the additional elements, the overexposure Of the room and at the same time to bring the light deeper into the room. This goal could only be achieved by horizontal elements with higher reflection. In some cases, as the posterior part of the space always remains dark Suggested that the depth of the room is reduced and instead the width Of the room. Of the DIVA studies, the ideal size is ultimately a bourgeoisie in everyone And therefore this size was in the ground plan of the Building. As a final result, one can see that the office space almost everywhere around the building Can be established, and the subsidized daylight availability becomes as much Sufficient sun exposure in all seasons.

Project Details