Project Description

The fishing network is used for overcompression On the fishing island in Berlin A successful opportunity. As Extension to the existing block border building On the island, it takes Urban axes And supports this by taken over Green area forms. On New housing development was built And also various measures For the qualitative improvement of the Surroundings, as well as a cultural center, A leisure area and another Home. The main design - the Fishing network - provides the basic High-rise structure that so Little as possible from their view To the surrounding water Must be completed. Thus is a 8-storey new building. This is the idea of ​​the 'togetherness' And provides both 104 apartments with various apartments, As well as various Community rooms, such as A cinema, a children's playground, A library and a gym. The latter can also be used by Persons outside the fishing network To facilitate a membership, As the fitness area above the Ground floor from outside is. The actual courtyard extends Through a cautiously defined Staircase from the north And south over the first floor. This is both the visual relationship To the water, as well as reached That visitors to the fishing island Not the shortest way through the Fishing net crossing Of the island. Thus is the privacy Of the building. Inside, however, the term Privacy. Through inward and generous Leaves at all levels A lively co-operation And also desired. No anonymous Living, but the community is in the foreground. Also offers The building on the roof is a lush Terrace with possibility shared Even vegetables And with the view to the water to relax. The draft to the fishing network Is also from the outside Exciting building, as by its Movable sun protection elements The facade never looks the same.

Project Details